We are now open and projects are numerous and we welcome you to give us a hand, experienced or not. Training/advice is readily to hand.

We are Meeting Mondays (1:30 for 2:00) and Thursdays (1:30 for 2:00). Anyone wishing to attend should either email us (kingsbridgeshedders@gmail.com)
or on facebook
or contact one of the management committee. who will in coordination with the other shed managers allow persons up to a 8 person level in each session. Extra Sessions will be planned based on numbers attending and the type of work/service required by managers.

What is a Men’s Shed?

Men’s Sheds are similar to garden sheds – a place to pursue practical interests at leisure, to practice skills and enjoy making and mending. The difference is that garden sheds and their activities are often solitary in nature while Men’s Sheds are the opposite. They’re about social connections and friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge, and of course a lot of laughter. Oh and its not just for Men, Women are very welcome to join in with us.

K&DMS was formed in 2016, with no premises, but a determination to bring a proven enterprise to the South Hams. In 2019 we are proud to announce that we now have a substantial shed. Actually more like a barn! …..and are looking forward to meeting new ‘shedders’ as the project develops.
Men’s sheds are an international initiative and the UK now has over 10000 so called ‘shedders’.


We have a suitable premises now and have adjusted its design to suit our objectives. We have been working with local initiatives, to offer practical support within our community and raise the profile of our initiative.


We were asked by the local TIC, a non profit making, central resource, for both business and visitors to the local area, to help them with a refit of their premises on the quay in Kingsbridge.


We are delighted to have worked with other charities in the area.

We have built bird boxes and bat hotels for Kingsbridge in Bloom, together with stage props for KATS our local Am-Dram and even a Kart for the East Allington ‘Wacky Races’. Although the celebration was cancelled we built two pilgrims houses for the proposed display of the sail of the Mayflower 400 years ago.

We have built  plant boxes for Kingsbridge Library, and Kingsbridge Age Concern in 2019/20 during lockdown release.

During 2020/21 we were closed for a considerable time, due to Covid,  but now in 2022 we are back building renovating and restoring objects and structures in such a way, that it keeps us all occupied, but without loosing our concept of companionship, help and not being too stressed. Our latest endeavour is the construction of a bespoke mobile disability scooter housing, and many garden boxes and benches. We are building a selection of hedgehog houses and other garden and household objects. Other suggestions for items from which the South Hams community would benefit are welcome.

What we do

We now have all the tools and machinery needed to carry out a good variety of work. For instance we have a band saw, a mitre saw, a table saw, a pillar drill and a vast array of hand tools.

We have assembled plant boxes, benches, chairs, tables, bird boxes, wine holders, and have built a roof canopy and were about to build a wood store for the shed to give us more room to work.

We can design for most projects involving small scale wood assemblies.
Any new ideas are considered.

The things that we can help you with….

  1. Do you need some plant boxes for your charity?
  2. We can design most things in wood and make them.
  3. How about a bird box?
  4. Any structures to help you produce your themed event.
  5. Benches renovations
  6. Repair of display cabinets.
  7. Any other project within our capability.
  • Crafty stuff

    Just for you.


    Looking for a group of people to get constructive with? Want to develop or share your crafty talents?

    Come and join us….we need you.

  • Refer

    not just for you...

    Do you know someone who may benefit from greater social contact, whilst becoming involved with hands on projects?

  • Project ideas

    Throw us an idea.

    We are always keen to discuss new project ideas to support the local community and our own fund raising needs.

  • Volunteer

    plan an awesome event

    Looking to get involved in a community project as a volunteer. We need people to help support, not just in the shed, but with all the really exciting stuff as well. Fund raising, IT, admin…..etc.

Meet the team

Final position of Library boxes made by these two.

Mens shed plant boxes


Charlie is smiling because he just made a bird nesting box

View of Mens Shed at the Mounts

renovation of a bench

Alan is removing 100 year old bolts

the people behind the events

Dave Green

Dave Green

General tool selection.

Peter Richardson

Peter Richardson


Master of the paintbrush!

Richard Boulter

Richard Boulter


General mediation and argument control.

Dave ‘Fireman’ Williams

Dave ‘Fireman’ Williams


Seriously massive tool resource.

Alan kirk

Alan kirk


He is also a working Member of the Men’s Shed. He runs a Code Club at Kingsbridge Library for Adults and Children and is an avid train driver and technician for the Kingsbridge and District light railway.

Bob Vaughton

Bob Vaughton

Trustee and Project organiser

Man with metal.

Craig Franklin

Craig Franklin


Proposer of toasts

Alan Kirk

Alan Kirk

Management Committee Trustee and Project Finder

Go Getter.
Web site updater

Alan Brookfield-Parker

Alan Brookfield-Parker


Demolition and noise generator

Malcolm Short

Malcolm Short

Treasurer and Secretary

Wood Doctor

Paul Carney

Paul Carney

Management Committee and Trustee

Show me a lathe and I’ll show you a wooden pen.

Hierarcy of Men’s Shed

Our Philosophy

We are all about offering a group for like minded people of all ages and backgrounds to come together to work and play.

…Actually some of us are not like minded at all.

But that’s OK – we can argue about it together,


what the community has noticed….

Kingsbridge in Bloom is in it’s 12th year as a ‘bloom’ town and has over that time played a significant role  in keeping it vibrant and attractive. Without the support of the whole community we could not have achieved national gold status for Britain in Bloom. The Kingsbridge Mens Shed have helped us move forward with lots of support with signage,bug hotels, bird boxes and bee hives.
We  would like to give our grateful thanks to your fantastic team and look forward to working with you in the future.
Graham PriceChairman - Kingsbridge in Bloom

Age UK Devon wholeheartedly support the aims of KMS to engage with the community to provide opportunities to learn and share skills in a friendly, welcoming environment.
KMS will play a vital role in the community through engaging with those who may feel isolated and AUKD and Age Concern Kingsbridge will be on hand to offer extended information, advice and other services to support their members.

Trish WarrenAgeUK Devon - Trish Warren Active in Later Life Manager

“The Men’s Shed have helped KATS recently by making some fantastic stage props for our productions. The working milk cart they made for Fiddler on The Roof was an absolute labour of love and gave the show a real feeling of authenticity. It’s been great fun to work with the group and they have been very generous with their time and with their expertise.”

Jill BrockKATS

In Action

A little bit of information about the things we do……

When we are not arguing over whether it could be metric or imperial.


great groups we work with….


Get in touch

Get in touch if you are interested in joining us.

we would love to hear from you




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